Our mission at the Saudi Technical Institute for Mining

Contributing to supporting the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030

This is done by qualifying, training and developing Saudi youth for the purpose of localizing technical jobs

In the field of mining and similar industries and their support

Technical specializations

Underground mining
Above ground mining
Mechanical and electrical maintenance
Drilling and blasting

High level training

Promote academic achievement

Localization of the mining sector

Enhancing leadership among trainees

Supporting trainees’ extracurricular activities

Advanced training techniques

يسعى المعهد دائما لتطوير المحتوى التدريبي بما يتوافق مع احتياجات الشركات
شركاء النجاح
يزداد شركاء المعهد يوما بعد يوم لأنه يدرك مدى أهمية الشراكات لدعم المعهد ومخرجاته
الخريجين هم القيمة الحقيقة وهم ثمرة نجاح المعهد لتوطين قطاع التعدين

Our results
And statistics

25+طاقم الخبراء
خبراء التدريب
يسعى المعهد لجلب أفضل الخبرات العالمية لنقل المعرفة والتدريب بأفضل شكل وعلى. مستوى عالمي
52الدورات القصيرة
الدورات القصيرة
وهي الدورات التي تدعم اصحاب الاختصاص والمهتمين لتعزيز معرفتهم واثراء التجربة التعدينية لديهم
161+المتدربين الحاليين
نغرس في متدربينا الحاليين ثقافة العمل والجد والالتزام ليكونوا مثالا يحتذى به بعد تخرجهم

From the words of visitors

معالي الدكتور سعود المتحمي
مؤسسة الملك عبدالعزيز ورجاله للموهبة والإبداع - موهبة

This institute is the cornerstone of development. Not only the region, but also the country in general, as well as the equipment. The human resources and experiences that I met indicate that they have undergone advanced qualification and training at an advanced level. Mawhibah will be a partner with you to achieve success.

المهندس عماد سعداوي
شركة التعدين العربية السعودية - معادن

I am pleased and honored to visit the Saudi Technical Institute for Mining in Arar, and I was pleased with what I saw of the level of English speaking among the students. God willing, we will see this institute as one of the first institutes in the Kingdom that is referred to and is considered a reference for mining technical matters.


الدكتور سعد الشايب
المؤسسة العامة للتدريب التقني والمهني

I was astonished by what I saw of the achievement of the level of preparation and planning, and this deserves thanks and praise to all of them, starting with the Chairman of the Council, its members, and the administration of the Institute. For that, I ask God to grant them success and prosperity, for their work and achievements are truly a source of pride for the nation.

الأستاذ تركي الجعويني
صندوق تنمية الموارد البشرية هدف

I was honored by the visit of me and the Human Resources Development Fund team to the institute, this distinguished training facility with its management, staff and training programmes, which offers the people of the Kingdom an amazing opportunity to start a working life in an important vital sector.

Wishing everyone continued success

الدكتور عبدالله آل مرزوق
المؤسسة العامة للتدريب التقني والمهني

Today I looked at a model of strategic partnerships, which is the Saudi Technical Institute for Mining, and I found an exemplary environment, I found high-level equipment, and I found a very distinguished management in the institute from our Saudi sons, led by Professor Abdullah Al-Otaibi.
They have my sincere thanks and appreciation

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