Vision of the Saudi Technical Institute for Mining

The Saudi Institute is a high-quality institute in vocational training with a focus on the mining sector to develop and qualify the highest technical competencies of human resources.

The mission of the Saudi Technical Institute for Mining

Contributing to supporting the vision of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 2030 by qualifying, training and developing Saudi youth for the purpose of localizing and supporting technical jobs in the field of mining and similar industries.

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We work according to ethical standards and integrity in order to ensure fairness, transparency and respect for trainees, employees, staff and beneficiaries to maintain a sustainable relationship and to ensure trainees’ continued commitment to integrity.


We are committed to discovering and developing talent and making the Digital Fabrication Lab available to trainees, trainers and the local community, encouraging them to use their imagination to innovate.


We are committed to providing a safe training environment for trainees, employees and trainers. We are also committed to providing appropriate services to beneficiaries and provide trainees with appropriate safety training to enhance their awareness of safety procedures inside and outside the workplace.


We strive for world-class performance and provide the best solutions to our beneficiaries. Excellence is the main driver for achieving goals efficiently and effectively by making the most of our potential and addressing the challenges we face


We all communicate and cooperate with trainees and trainers, exchange knowledge, and trust each other, just as we trust all those we deal with, in order to achieve success together.

The objectives of the Saudi Mining Polytechnic:


Local community development

Contributing to the development of the local community through training and spreading awareness in various fields such as the English language, computer skills, waste recycling and safety.

Cooperation and development

Cooperating with local and regional educational and professional institutions to continuously develop the Saudi Technical Institute for Mining and achieve its goals

Localization of the mining sector

Training Saudi youth and enabling them to fill jobs in the mining sector to support the mining industry in the Kingdom, in line with the Kingdom’s Vision 2030.


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