Information about career progression


Career Progression is a program in which a trainee makes gradual progress by working their way through three stages in the programme. The first stage begins in the first year and includes English language courses, and general life skills, and safety, and computer, And chemistry. after that , He is promoted to the second year after successfully completing the first year. This includes courses in specialty topics, It is underground mining, surface mining, and factory operations, Along with an emphasis on Technical English. after that , The trainee is promoted to an on-the-job training program at the recruitment company’s headquarters, Which lasts for six months. After that, the trainee is evaluated and his graduation is announced. Finally he moves

On-the-job training

On-the-job training aims to enhance the trainee’s skills in line with the needs of the job. It provides trainees with an opportunity to apply what they have been trained to do at the institute and what they have gained from the experience of their trainers in mines and factories. after that , He must be ready to take up his job immediately upon graduation. The duration of this training ranges from 3 to 6 months. During which the trainee is evaluated to ensure his readiness to work in mines and factories.