Operational Processes

Factory operations include stages and procedures for mineral ores. It represents smelting, refining, screening and processing along the production line.

Training plan:
Program name: Diploma in Mining – Operations.
The duration of the program is two and a half years.
The number of hours of the program is 2300 training hours.
The credit hours in the program are 81 credit hours.
Number of training classes: 6 training classes.
The number of training weeks during each semester is 13 weeks.
Job appointment after graduation as an operating technician

Program description:
The first year of the program begins by improving the trainees’ English language skills and teaching them safety basics in addition to computer skills, mathematics and chemistry. In the second year, The focus is on the technical skills of trainees related to specialization in operational processes, Using the latest simulation equipment. The trainee also receives cooperative on-the-job training for six months at the end of the program. Program Objectives The program seeks to train and qualify Saudi technicians to a high degree in accordance with international standards. This should achieve the nationalization of mining industry jobs in Saudi Arabia.

Program Rate:
Discovering the talents of Saudi youth and benefiting from them. Expanding knowledge of natural resources in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Promoting and enhancing the concept of safety in factories and mines.

basic skills:
The trainee must acquire basic skills in the English language and those specific to the operations specialization.

Graduation requirements:
Be punctual and complete at least the minimum number of training hours to attend and successfully complete the co-op training.

Jobs chances:
Training that ends with employment in a mining or cement company