Health and Safety

OSHA recognizes safety training

If it meets or exceeds the training required by various OSHA rules from the OSHA Academy

OSHA recognizes safety training if it meets or exceeds the training required by various OSHA rules

Today, we all realize and appreciate the importance of safety, and today we will talk, God willing, about one of the success stories at the Saudi Technical Institute for Mining, which is of course its obtaining membership of the British Council and accreditation of ISO 45001, which are memberships and accreditations concerned with the field of safety. About three years ago, the quality management at the institute determined the importance of safety being a value of high importance, so it participated in the values ​​of the institute, starting from that time until today an endless series of specific procedures and standards. Which contributes to raising awareness in the field of safety for the institute’s employees and trainees.

Safety has main pillars according to ISO standards, including: Field, leadership, planning, maintenance, operations and improvement, So that there is a closed circle to achieve a comprehensive survey of all procedures, operations and development. There is no doubt that this effort presented by the Saudi Technical Institute for Mining in the field of safety improved the level of safety in the institute on the Hudson scale of safety culture from the first level to the fourth level, which in turn contributed to achieving and enabling occupational safety and health at the institute and to providing a safe and healthy training environment.

Among the most important practices applied at the Saudi Technical Institute for Mining are the scheduled training sessions and workshops that take place in the safety corner, which covers seven areas of safety, including safety equipment in mines and factories, safety from chemicals, fire safety, health and safety in driving, as well as daily bulletins related to safety and talk about… Safety for two minutes at the beginning of each lecture. There is also great interest in the field of innovation at the safety level, as the Saudi Technical Institute for Mining recorded inventions in the field of safety, namely devices for detecting the efficiency of fire extinguishers and a device for detecting toxic gases in mines. These practices contributed to transferring and applying the trainees’ knowledge in the field of safety to their workplaces, and the impact of this was sought through the annual measurement of graduates and employees.

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