Training Management

The Institute’s Training Department undertakes a system of responsibilities to achieve the Institute’s objectives in qualifying, training and preparing Saudi youth to join the labor market in the mining sector in Ma’aden companies and other contracting and similar companies or supporting mining work throughout the Kingdom. The responsibilities of the training department include developing plans to attract trainees, the principles of admission, screening, registration, and the induction program, developing curricula, training plans, and evaluation according to the needs of companies working in the mining sector, supervising the development of curricula, supervising training, evaluating training results, preparing the attendance and dismissal system, and training hours according to the companies’ requirements for all trainees, and preparing forms and letters. necessary for the trainees and to address the relevant authorities regarding their affairs, prepare the institute’s training guide, which includes the policies, laws, regulations and procedures applied at the institute, secure the trainees’ needs of uniforms, transportation, housing, medical insurance, study materials, and meals, and provide academic and behavioral advice and guidance services to the trainees to help them adapt and progress in the training program, in addition to preparing Holding evaluation tests in proportion to the variables of the mining sector’s needs, providing a safety awareness and safe driving program for trainees, establishing a student council for trainees to develop their management concepts and practices, establishing a public speaking club similar to the International Public Speaking Club, and using its standards to improve the trainees’ speaking, public speaking and English speaking abilities, forming sports teams and holding periodic competitions to ensure To apply the concept of a healthy mind in a healthy body to the trainees, hold periodic guest speaker meetings where the trainees benefit from the expertise and experiences of their superiors and senior visitors, and prepare and implement an academic excellence program for trainees following the practices of the Ministry of Education.

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