Innovation and Marketing Management

The Innovation Department at the Saudi Mining Polytechnic is at the forefront of technical advancements within the institute. This department is dedicated to embedding a culture of innovation across various fields including skills, technical acumen, and knowledge, all while aligning with community service initiatives to bolster the local knowledge economy. To this end, we have inaugurated a state-of-the-art digital manufacturing laboratory, a pioneering facility in the region, designed to foster creativity and innovation. This facility enables the actualization of creative ideas, thereby serving the regional community and spotlighting the talented individuals from our nation as fundamental contributors to our homeland’s prosperity.

Our department is instrumental in supporting the realization of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 and executing the SMP’s Strategy 2028. Additionally, the department plays a pivotal role in promoting the institute across various media platforms—digital, visual, and audio—to maximize outreach about the institute’s offerings. This encompasses introducing the SMP to mining entities and their supporting industries, aiming to make a tangible positive impact on the institute’s outcomes and its commitment to the mining industry’s localization in the Kingdom.

Furthermore, our endeavors include showcasing our graduates, who are among the nation’s finest, emphasizing that the training provided at the institute is not only exemplary but also directly correlates with employment opportunities, thereby underlining our commitment to contributing to the nation’s workforce development.

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