Smart Classrooms

The Saudi Mining Polytechnic (SMP) has many state-of-the-art facilities serving more than 450 trainees. SMP facilities provide a very wonderful environment for learning and performance. It aims to equip graduates with multiple experiences. These facilities include public service facilities that serve the trainees and the local community alike. The following is a list of the facilities of the Saudi Mining Polytechnic: Training facilities: the institute provides the latest training facilities, including the following technical facilities: advanced simulators lab for surface and underground Mining, a mini mineral processing plant, electrical and mechanical workshop, a safety exhibition, a fabrication lab, a geology exhibition, and a virtual reality lab. The Saudi Mining Polytechnic also has a number of model smart classerooms that provide trainees with a distinctive training experience that contributes to promoting the training process with added value in the academic aspect.

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Sports and Recreation Facility

The Saudi Mining Polytechnic owns sports and recreational facilities that serve all trainees, trainers and employees at the institute such as an indoor gym that contains individual games such as billiards, gym, tennis, and chess. The facilities also include an athletics and bodybuilding hall which enables the trainees to practice their various sports activities. These are used to implement many different tournaments and leagues in individual games. In addition to the open playgrounds such as the football field, tennis court, and handball court, these facilities serve as a source for honing and developing the trainees’ sports skills. releasing latent energies, which leads to the integration of a healthy mind with a healthy body.


Occupational Safety and Health Exhibition

The Saudi Mining Polytechnic (SMP) has a permanent occupational safety and health exhibition that has seven sections that cover different areas, all of which are related to health and safety, including personal protection equipment (PPE), safety in factories and mines, fire safety, safety when handling chemicals, safe driving, first aid and resuscitation methods, food hygiene and recycling.


Fabrication Laboratory

The Saudi Mining Polytechnic has a digital manufacturing laboratory, which is a newly established laboratory. It provides the environment and tools that enable creators and innovators to test their ideas and turn them into reality. It is the only one of its kind in the Kingdom. The institute encourages trainees, trainers, employees, and the local community to benefit from the equipment and technologies available there, which include 3D printing machines, laser cutting and engraving machines, computer-controlled engraving machines, robot manufacturing tools and devices, printing and cutting tools as well as various heat presses.


House of Knowledge

It is one of the tributaries of knowledge in the Northern Border Region, and the idea of implementing it was launched to contribute to raising the knowledge economy in several forms appropriate to our current era, by providing reading in several ways so that this house is considered a transmitter of knowledge at the region level. It offers reading through traditional methods or electronic visual and audio reading, and multiple quiet sections have been provided to add more enjoyment while reading. The House of Knowledge has an area of more than 400 square meters.


Conference Halls and Multipurpose Halls 

These halls were provided to provide a suitable environment for formal and informal meetings and conferences at the institute and region levels and to serve training. They are available for all events of a distinct and different nature.