Industrial Security Guard Operations

Program Name: Industrial Security Guard Operations

Program Duration: Nine (9) months at Campus + Three (03) Months On Job Training (OJT)

Program Credit Hours: 27 Credit Hours

Degree Awarded: Associate Diploma in Industrial Security Guard Operations accredited by Technical & Vocational Training Center (TVTC)

Program Overview:

The Associate Diploma in Industrial Security Guard Operations trains trainees in essential security techniques and protocols for industrial settings. This streamlined program includes nine months of academic study followed by three months of practical on-the-job training. The curriculum focuses on risk assessment, surveillance, emergency response, and legal compliance, ensuring trainees are well-prepared for professional security roles.

Career Opportunities:

Upon completion, trainees are ready to enter the workforce as security guards, surveillance officers, or security supervisors in various industrial sectors. This diploma also lays the groundwork for future advancement in security management and related areas, equipping graduates with the skills needed to tackle modern security challenges.

Graduation Criteria:

To successfully graduate, trainees must fulfill the following criteria:

Complete All Course Units: Trainees are required to pass all unit-specific written and performance tests within the program. (Minimum Passing Grades 60%)

Complete On-the-Job Training: Trainees must successfully complete the prescribed on-the-job training period, demonstrating practical application of their skills in a professional setting.