Operations and Maintenance

The General Services and Employment Department has a leading role in ensuring the progress of operation and maintenance work for all facilities and buildings of the Institute. In order to provide an educational and work environment that meets the aspirations of students and employees alike, The role of the General Services Department for Operation and Maintenance is not limited to merely carrying out routine operation and maintenance work. Rather, it includes development and improvement work and participation in preparing studies and proposals that serve the interest, growth and prosperity of this great educational edifice. The prominent landmark in the city of Arar. The Public Services Department provides all operation, maintenance, cleaning and landscaping work. In addition to renovation work and following up on the progress of work with the department’s contractors to deliver and receive sites. Among our concerns as a service department at the institute are: The need to involve beneficiaries of management services in expressing their views in order to improve performance and raise the level of our services. The administration seeks to achieve its goals in achieving a model institute. The facilities provide services with high efficiency to achieve satisfaction for the trainees, trainers and employees of the institute, preserve the environment of the institute and its appearance in an appropriate aesthetic form, and provide operation and maintenance services for all buildings and facilities of the institute so that the trainees, trainers and employees of the institute feel stability and comfort in All institute facilities, Through optimal use of resources. The management’s tasks are manifold in operation, maintenance, cleaning, renovations, and others. All this is done through optimal use of resources. The management team has introduced many improvements in internal work procedures, systems and models. Developing a mechanism that uses electronic technology to process work orders directed to it. In order to ensure the speed of completion and quality of follow-up and implementation of the required services. Efforts are still continuing to develop work mechanisms and methods and the level of employees and their performance. They did not make an effort to take into account everyone’s suggestions and opinions in what serves the public interest. It improves work, It contributes to developing performance.

Security and Safety

The institute’s security and safety systems include a team of security guards and video surveillance. Smoke detectors, fixed and mobile fire-fighting equipment, an emergency evacuation plan and a system, all of which aim to provide a healthy and safe work environment around the clock. Observing health and safety regulations and maintaining a safe work environment is not just an official procedure or a traditional requirement of the Institute, but rather a strategic goal that the Institute seeks to achieve. Each individual must strive diligently towards achieving it for the benefit of the institute, its employees, its capabilities, and the interest of the companies sponsoring the trainees. A safer workplace is a more productive workplace.

Information Technology

The Information Technology Department is responsible for preparing, developing and maintaining the technical system at the Saudi Technical Institute for Mining. The following are the most prominent tasks: • Network infrastructure: It includes conducting plans and inspecting all buildings within the institute, operating and maintaining more than 400 computers in several laboratories, the largest of which can accommodate 100 trainees, in addition to installing digital phones for more than 65 offices and laboratories. • Wireless connection: Wireless Internet coverage for the entire institute and connecting the institute’s residence. • Services and programs: The electronic registration and admission portal and the TIS system, which is the system for managing trainees’ affairs, have been prepared and the electronic testing and training system has been activated. A self-service system for trainees has also been launched. • Website and email: The website was created to make it easy for everyone to access, in a simple and clear manner, in both Arabic and English. Office 365 email also provides multiple options such as Office programs, in addition to a storage capacity of up to 1 GB for each trainee.

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