What do we offer at the Saudi Technical Institute for Mining?

The Training Department at SMP undertakes a set of responsibilities to achieve the Institute’s objectives related to preparing, training and qualifying Saudi youth to join the labor market in the mining sector in companies affiliated with the Saudi Arabian Mining Company (Ma’aden), And another similar contractor. companies, Or other supporting mining activity companies throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Training management responsibilities include developing trainee recruitment plans, Determine the conditions for accepting trainees. Determine the criteria for selecting and sorting trainees. He is also responsible for the registration process and implementation of the orientation program. Develops curricula, develops training plans and conducts evaluation according to the needs of recruitment companies in the mining sector. Supervises training and evaluates its results. Develops check-in and check-out system and sets training hours for all trainees according to hiring companies. Issuing the necessary forms and letters that trainees need and addressing the relevant authorities regarding the relevant trainees’ affairs. The SMP training manual innovates, Which includes the policies, rules, regulations and procedures followed within the institute. Ensures the provision of school uniforms, and transportation, and accommodation, and medical insurance, books and school supplies, And daily meals for trainees, Along with providing academic and behavioral counseling services to help them adapt and make progress in the training program. in addition to , It designs and manages evaluation tests in a way that suits the changing needs of the mining sector. It holds programs to educate trainees about safety and safe driving. It creates a student council for trainees to develop their concepts and practices in management.

The benefits of training include

Registration with social insurance

Obtain medical insurance

Providing housing or housing allowance

Get a monthly salary

General admission requirements


Under 23 years old

Capacity 65% ​​or more

Be medically fit

High school science grade 80% or more

Obtained the achievement test


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