The advantages during training include

Trainees receive a monthly stipend throughout the training period. and medical insurance, And registration in social insurance by the recruitment company.

Programs and Specializations

The institute offers five programs: above ground mining, underground mining, Factory operations, Maintenance (electrical and mechanical).

Program Duration

The first year of training includes courses in English, computer, life skills and safety. The second year includes specialization courses, Followed by on-the-job training for six months.

Admission Stages

Admission dates
Registration and admission dates are announced based on agreement with the recruitment company.
All applicants’ data is collected and checked. Shortlisted candidates will be promoted to the nomination stage for an interview date.
Scheduling interviews
Applicants who meet the program criteria are called for a scheduled interview.
Interview and placement test
The admission process includes a personal interview as well as a placement test that measures the level of proficiency in the English language.
Waiting list
The waiting list includes the names of applicants on hold in case some accepted applicants do not show up. The number of trainees identified by the recruitment company is completed from the candidates on the list.
Final choice
Trainees are finally selected after completing the screening process by adding their scores acquired in the interview and placement test.