This course presents the basic concepts of drilling and blasting operations. In addition to understanding the regulations and laws of explosives in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, this course also provides participants with a basic introduction to explosives applications in mining, classification and types of explosives, in addition to explosive ignition systems, their reactions, and rock crushing.

Course Description

the course is designed for KNOWLEDGE OF drilling and blasting operations in the mines AND explosives regulations of Saudi Arabia. Basic introduction of the applications of explosives in excavation; classification and types of explosives; Explosives initiating systems, preincaple of BLASTING, blasting design firing pattern, safety, and environmental effect.

Target Audience

Engineers, Technicians, Blasters, and all Field Blasting team

Learning Outcomes

  • list down the function of the various components of drilling.
  • Learn the explosives and their types.
  • describe THE uses and handling of explosives at the mine WORK SITE.
  • use of DIFFERENT initiation systems for blasting, particularly electric and non-electric methods of initiation.

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