Realizing the importance of community service, Saudi Mining Polytechnic (SMP) provides community programs and services to enhance the knowledge economy of the local community. For example , SMP holds a safety exhibition on a permanent basis, Because she realizes the importance of safety in society. SMP also opens the doors of the House of Knowledge to the community to encourage community members to read in all fields and in a variety of ways. Furthermore it , SMP organizes summer cultural programs to train young people in cognitive, skill-based and entertainment contents. Likewise, The Fab Lab (Digital Production Laboratory) is an innovation asset in society that promotes creativity among Saudi youth. It encourages them to develop their ideas and gives them the opportunity to put them into practice.

SMP is delighted to announce that we are now an approved Oxford Test of English Centre.

Should you require any further information or assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us via email at We are committed to providing exceptional support and guidance throughout this endeavor.